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How Not to Devalue Homes for Sale in Garden City, NY

It is a fact that houses do not come cheap in Garden City, and if you happen to own one in that sophisticated town, you have a property that has great resale value. If you are looking to switch houses within town or you are looking to relocate, you will want to sell your real estate property at the best price possible then you need to approach

real estateIf you are one of the many people in the area who own a house built in 1939 or earlier, you have a prime property in a historic town. That means you can be one of those who offer homes for sale in Garden City, NY that can sell for more than $800,000. However, keep in mind that you do not create scenarios that can lessen the value of your property. Here are some notes on how not to devalue homes for sale in Garden City, NY.

Do Not Cover the Period Markings

While you may change your mind about living inside a scenic home and decide to make that Victorian house a little urban, do not cover period accessories built inside your home with a lesser-valued contemporary decor. At the same time, do not attach inexpensive PVC windows if you have a period home. The reason for this is that buyers will want to buy your home because it is an old house, and there is real value in antiquity. However, if you have attached vinyl windows and sidings, buyers will see that as a bargaining tool.

Do Not Lessen the Number of Rooms

Homes for sale in Garden City, NY are great because they are mostly made up of three bedrooms or more. If you are thinking of converting the smallest bedroom in your house as an attached bathroom to a larger one, you might as well hold that thought. The more bedrooms there are in a property, the more attractive the house for sale is.

Do Not Make That Satellite Dish Too Obvious

A property, especially if it is an old one, sells like hotcakes in Garden City because of their scenic charm. However, if you have a satellite dish for your TV attached in the most exposed manner, you might be ruining that charm for your buyer. While the prospective buyer would most probably want to buy it as an additional amenity, you might want to install it in a more discrete location.

Do Not Use Garish Colors

A neutral home allows any buyer to envision his family living inside it and imagine their existing furniture fitting the design of your old Victorian property right in the Hill. However, it may not be possible for such thoughts to take place if you have painted the kids room with hot pink, or if you have taken liberty of making abstract, high-contrast painting with your living room wall as a canvass. Garish colors drastically lower the value of your property, as the buyer will have to calculate costs of repainting.

When you want to list your property as one of the homes for sale in Garden City, NY, you should think that your property is more or less fine as it is, originally. If you want to make tweaks to make it more functional and serviceable to your lifestyle, you might want to limit those changes to the minimum.

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