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Golf Grips 101

It is wise to have a good set of golf grips. They have a significant effect on the outcome of a game. Most golf players are unaware of this fact though. Being aware of the grips, particularly their influence on a game’s outcome, can improve a golfers’ performance.

Placement, Construction, Options

The golf grip is the material attached to the shaft opposite the head of a club. This is the part players hold when swinging clubs. In golf, a swing can make or break a game. It is vital that not even the tiniest mistake would be made when hitting the ball. Proper grips can aid in preventing mistakes from happening when swinging.

Grips are originally made with a strap of leather wrapped around the shaft, but only few clubs utilize leather grips nowadays given the advent of the “sleeve” design. Modern “sleeve” grips are one-piece and sheath-like,usually made of rubber, polymer, and the like. The shaft of golf clubs are inserted and then secured inside these grips with adhesive specially made for the task.

There is a wide variety to choose from when it comes to these grips. It might be overwhelming. However, there are several things to keep in mind that may guide golfers in getting the grips that suit them best.

Making the Right Considerations

Contrary to popular belief, choosing grips is not only about comfort. It should also be about how players swing their clubs. Of course, fitness matters here as well.In addition, weather conditions must be taken into account when selecting grips.

Still, comfort is arguably the biggest factor when choosing grips. It is difficult to swing clubs when players are not at ease with their hold. It breaks concentration. There are plenty of modern designs that take comfort into account. Golf grips may be made of soft material with smooth texture for easy handling. Roughly textured grips made of polymer or thermoplastics are also available if players prefer abrasive grips for more traction. Some grips have shock absorber features to lessen the backlash of a swing for golfers.

Players with sensitive skin may select smooth grips made with soft materials since these reduce risks of injuring the palm. However, for those golfers whose hands easily sweat, rough textured grips with abrasive materials is more advisable. The design lets players have a firmer grip on their golf clubs.

Golfers must consider their playing style when selecting their golf grips. Players preferring high swings would need firm grips for stability. For lower swings and hand movements requiring less power, soft grips are more suitable since it would absorb the excess pressure when gripped by players.

The appropriate size of a golf grip also depends on the playing style. Draws are often made with small grips since they induce release. Large grips instead reduce release and cause straight or fade shots.

Golf gripsAnother factor that must be taken into account when choosing grips is the weather. As many have realized firsthand, weather is usually unpredictable. There would be days where a game would be accompanied with sudden rain and humidity. It would be practical to have a set of clubs with appropriate grips to match the weather.

Grips made of cord fabric are highly suggested for wet conditions. Grips made of other fabrics yet come with heavy patterns and coarse surface textures are also recommended. Their design and make adds traction to prevent players from having their clubs fly off their hands when swinging.

It is better to avoid using grips with smooth textured surfaces(or plastic grips) under wet conditions. They do not generate enough traction for the players’ hands and are likely to cause accidents.

Maintenance, Lifespan, Replacement

Proper care and maintenance helps grips last longer. It also ensures their continued optimum performance.

Keeping golf grips in excellent condition is easy. After all, regular cleaning is enough. The grips can be washed with mild detergent. For rough textured grips,a brush is needed for thorough cleaning. For smooth grips, a simple wash cloth will suffice. Rinse off all of the soap after scrubbing with warm water. It is then air- or towel-dried completely before being stored away.

These grips are never meant to last for a very long time though. Regular cleaning can only prolong its life. There will always be a day when the grip had to be replaced.

The process of changing grips is called re-gripping. Most professional golf playersre-grip their golf clubs at least four times annually.They play very often in all types of weather which means heavy abuse on the grips. They require frequent changing within a year.

Regular players, on the other hand,only need to re-grip once a year. The degradation their grips go through is lesser compared to those of professional players.

When a golf grip loses its original feel, the swing’s outcome is affected. A little slip when the club hits the ball is magnified the greater its travel distance is. It can change the ball’s trajectory and may miss the players’ target. So, it is advisable to make a habit of replacing grips every year.

Players can re-grip their golf clubs themselves. Affordable yet high quality do-it-yourself kits are available in the market since it had become a popular habit among golfers.

Changing grips can also be done with qualified club fitters stationed at golf retailers or on-course shops. The re-gripping may last for a few hours at the least or a day at most. It is expensive yet offers better customization for players.

It is practical to play with fresh golf grips. It gives players a better feel when playing. Golf is a game that is played with the use of feel and instincts. Excellent grips that match the players perfectly can pave the way to victory.

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