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Customizing Your Own Lanyards

With lanyards being among the hottest trends nowadays, learning the basics about these laces will surely be beneficial if you wish to make some on your own. They can be of different colors, sizes, and styles – if you manage to consider these factors, you are definitely on the right track.

There are different styles of lanyards that you can choose from, and here are some of them:

1. Single-colored Lanyard

This style does not involve the use of any printing process. After all, it’s mainly about blank laces with solid colors.

2. Polyester Lanyard

This is the most common style since it is affordable despite being of high quality. Silkscreen printing is used in making this style of lace.

3. Woven Lanyard

This style uses simple and soft stitches to make sure that the design is fully visible on the lace. However, it is required to use only simple text and logo designs when working with this style.

4. Dye-sublimated Lanyard

This style is often associated with multicolored cords. The process of sublimation is used wherein heat and pressure is applied to transfer the design to the material. The base material is recommended to be of white color to make sure that the design will stand out.

5. Nylon Lanyard

This style is often described as high quality. It is also known for its intricate designs. This can be made using either one of these methods: the Crown Sinnet and the Modified Braid. The two methods involve the process of looping nylon strings. However, the crown sinnet method leads to the creation of far more loops and knots. By the way, going with nylon is recommended if you are making laces in big batches.

Badge holdersThe styles mentioned won’t be complete if no printing method is used to apply the design. Different printing materials are used to achieve high quality and attractive products.

Here are some of the commonly used printing options that you can check out:

1. Screen Print

This is considered to be perfect when printing top quality designs, but it is slightly expensive. Color combinations can be applied when making the text and logo designs.

2.  Full Color Print

A full color print produces a multicolored lanyard, making your lace a true work of art.

3.  Hot Stamp

This type of print is definitely economical. Its process of color application is very straightforward, though you can only use a limited selection of colors for your lanyard.

4.  Embossed Print

A metal tag lanyard often comes with an embossed print. Simply put, the design is stamped onto the material to create the design.

5.  Laser Engraving

This printing method can also be used on metal tags, and it is the opposite of the embossed print. Laser engraving involves the use of a powerful light beam or laser to engrave the design into the metal. This results into fully detailed prints and designs.

In customizing your lanyards, you can also add other embellishments to make them more attractive. An attachment like the j-hook is used especially with a nylon lanyard to make holding accessories possible. On the other hand, tags are attached to these customized laces for identification purposes, an example of which is the animal tag worn by your pets. Gems and beads can also be used for added glam.

Now that you know about these, you’re ready to start making your own lanyards. This craft is definitely fun since designs are limitless – whatever you can imagine, can be made. Aside from that, learning the basics of this craft and eventually becoming adept in it opens the opportunity for business ventures.

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