Tips to Hire the Perfect Article Writer

A professional content writer can convert contents from flab to fab, draw in more readers and create interesting topics out of simple things. It’s hard to write the perfect article writer for one’s business but it will really help if there are tips and guidelines to be followed.

Article writerWhether companies are looking for blog ghostwriters, website copywriters or contents writer that can create smart and strategic marketing contents, following the tips and guidelines mentioned below can help them find the perfect writer they need.

1. Companies should know exactly what they want.

It’s important to set-up expectations so that potential writers can have a clear view of what companies are really looking for. This way, they can come up with things that could: determine best content approaches, pitch-in topics, set reasonable structures and establish realistic delivery schedules.

Things that companies might need to consider in looking for writers should include:

• Scope – Potential writers should be aware that business projects contain a lot of expectations such as word count, term and keyword usage, deadlines, images and etc.

• Research – Does the company need short and light blogs that should be periodically or does it need deeply-researched contents that require in-depth writing?

• Budget – How much can the company willing to spend for potential writers?

• Calendar – Schedule of deadlines and increased lead time for the writers.

For companies to express what they really want about their potential writers, it’s essential to create editorial calendars that contain the detailed work description. But remember to still leave some room for potential writers to do magic with regards to their works.

2. Review published works of a targeted article writer.

One best way to get the perfect content writer for a business is to read and review his published works and contact him afterwards. Most of the time, writers like him welcome clients. However, do not get writers who don’t have experience in the field of business that they will work for simply because they are just good at writing contents. Instead, hire professional writers that can deliver written contents based on thorough research skills in order to impress existing clients and draw-in prospective ones.

3. Learn how to capitalize ghostwriting and creating bylines.

Ghostwriters are actually the ones who create contents that companies publish under their own business names. These writers help companies to establish the authority that they already have. However, there are ghostwriters who also love to do bylines and if companies don’t have enough budget for hiring ghostwriters, they must consider offering byline writing at lower rates to these ghostwriters. Not only that they will have great contents, they will also help these byline writers to add something to their portfolios.

4. Make it a point to ask questions to a writer who is applying for the position.

Know more about the article writer’s work experiences, see his writing samples and ask if he knows something about SEO as well as his capability to accomplish works at the agreed turnaround time and salary.

5. Clearly let them know that they should work based on their job description.

Don’t expect content writers to create marketing campaigns and advertising slogans for the entire company. Even if they are good at suggesting alluring copies, topics, articles and blog contents, they are most likely not equipped with the right tools for the meantime to help the advertising group come up with the right logo designs and advertising strategies.

6. Companies must build a lasting communication relationships with these writers.

Most probably, a business and its writers will work together in a short or long-term relationship. That’s why it’s essential to create communication communications with each other depending on the situation. For example, skype calls and emails are perfect for offshore business relationships while phone calls and closed-door meetings are good for clients and writers that see each other in person. Whatever works, just ensure that there is an established communication between the two.

7. Don’t hesitate to give back what these writers have given

Companies want their writers to deliver good-quality contents on time. To maintain this kind of set-up, companies must know how to recognize the efforts of their people by providing them the information that they need and the on-time payments as well.

Most of the time, clients do not disclose small but important information to their employees and only deliver the vague ones. As a result, they can get surprised when an article writer does not deliver. Don’t let them be like that because that they are also being invested as part of the business. Success is reached also because of them.

Make them feel they are part of it because they also worked hard to contribute to the success of the company. Disclose whatever information that they need to know, establish communicate with them and never delay their paychecks.

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