Using Movable Cubicle to Build a Home

You probably know by now that there are people who use movable cubicle to build their home. You must have heard that there are stores, restaurants, café, dorms, and housing projects made of portable containers. The different buildings made of container are not in the same area or country. The shipping container buildings are all over the world.

More and more people are thinking of using the metal containers to build their homes. Take a look at the advantages of turning a portable storage into a home.

Choosing a Shipping Container as a Building Material can Help the Environment

There are hundreds of metal containers around the globe. Merchants that ship their goods using the containers usually leave the containers to their destination. It is cheaper to send new containers each time they need to ship their goods than transport the empty containers back home.

Building a home using a movable cubicle or using the container for another purpose can help the environment. Melting a metal container eats a lot of energy. Instead of wasting the said energy, architects all over the world found a better use for the metal containers, and that is to use the containers as construction material.

The Metal Container is Cost Effective

The metal container has a shape that is already suited to be a home. If you are not too particular about the kind of look that your house should have from the outside, then you just need to make a few modifications. It won’t cost too much to turn the metal container into something livable. You need to make sure that you have good insulation and ventilation to prevent your home to become a freezer at night and oven during the hot sunny day. A good paint job and special rust treatment can keep the rust away. You can also install an air conditioning unit to make it more comfortable.

Storage containerIf you are fine with a simple home, then you can design the whole project without any help from an architect. However, you still need a professional when it comes to anything related to electricity or plumbing. If you don’t have the expertise regarding the said areas, then it is best to let the professional handle it.

Good and Sturdy Structure

The shipping container can withstand any weather. It is created to carry heavy loads. The containers that passed the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards can be stacked to create a two-storey home. Always double check if the roof of the lower container is strong enough to bear the load of the upper container. Take into consideration the foot traffic and the things that you need to put in the upper container.

The movable cubicle is safe and secure. It is heavy and it will take time before someone can open the container if he has no key. Anyone who wants to break in will need a blow torch or dynamite to open the container.

Speedy Construction

A house made of shipping containers will only take a day or so to finish. It is even easier to finish a plain-looking house. If you are fine with a plain-looking house and you want to move immediately, then choose a simple house.

Although a house made of a shipping container may provide advantages there are also issues that you need to concern yourself. It is possible that the shipping container was used to transport toxic materials. You have no way of knowing if it is truly safe to use. But, you can find a reputable company that will be able to give you a container that is suitable for a home, also visit moveablecontainer to know more about containers.

Obtaining a permit to build a home using a metal container might be difficult. Different areas have different requirements in obtaining a building permit using metal container as a construction material. It might take some time before you are allowed to use the container to build a home.

If you want to use a movable cubicle to build your house, it is prudent to start gathering information about the things that you need to secure first before the construction begins. Weight things first and determine if it’s really the one you want before getting yourself into something that you might find hard to get out of.

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